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Paatal Lok Review : Anushka Sharma’s Debut Show On Amazon Prime India

Paatal Lok Review: Amazon Prime Web Series

Paatal Lok Review: Amazon Prime Web Series

I was extremely excited when I saw the title announcement of the Paatal Lok of Amazon Prime. The web series focuses on, for people who get charged for, conspiracy to murder presumably, targeting the most prominent journalist and in many ways the face of time Indian news television. Let’s take a look at Paatal Lok Review in details.

Paatal Lok Story/Plot

When the protagonist a Hathiram Chaudhary played by Jaideep Ahlawat, a police officer that has hired. In his 15 years of service, he has been rarely handed any signs of prominent cases. He is told to take over this is where the journey of Paatal Lok is to commences.

Paatal Lok Cast : Neeraj Kabi
Paatal Lok Cast: Neeraj Kebi plays journalist character in series

The web series aims at understanding the motivations of the four characters to assassinate the journalist the soulless, and the fickle nature of Indian journalism. Today the personal battles of each other trying to get at the bottom of the case, privy to exactly how convoluted matter is. Finally, a commentary of how our society is segregated with several, references to Indian mythology that, enhance the quality of the web series, tenfold especially it’s writing.

What’s Good?

There are precisely two chase sequences, involving Jaideep Ahlawat and Singh, character respectively, and both, and the sequences come across a sloppy.

There are several moments from the web series which will be a commentary on the conflict between Hindus and Muslims, caused differences, the censorship that exists specifically, regarding freedom of expression in, Indian society and the polarizing world, we live in today which has no new ones, forcing people in many ways to rely on a particular direction.

Paatal Lok Review: Jaideep Ahlawat
Jaideep Ahlawat play inspector Hathiram Chaudhary in Paatal Lok web series

What Doesn’t Work?

Paatal Lok is brutal, as far as violence on screen as well as its possibility. This isn’t an issue, let me clarify that first, I am in for it. Yet, for certain individuals, this may be excessively breaking.


Nothing makes happier than an artist, who is willing to take risks and beyond that put your money where your mouth is and, one such artist is Anushka Sharma. Especially as a producer from NH 10, Pari, and Philori despite the bumps and cracks, in her journey as a producer, she is willing to back projects that present, something fresh and original.

Paatal Lok, in my opinion, is the most exciting, production venture it’s a genuine, attempt at creating a crime thriller set, and rooted in time status so relevant.

Direction and Writing

One of the most brilliant qualities of, this web series is its powerful writing, and Direction Prosit Roy has directed the series. Sudeep Sharma has created and, written all nine episodes, and the individuals need to take a bow for their, impeccable work.

Sudeep has previously worked in films like Udta Punjab, Sonchiriya, and Lal Kaptaan, so you can already imagine the quality you are bound to expect.

Paatal Lok web series presents an incredible realism to how several sections of society speak to one another. The theme of the web series is how society has categorized into three parts.

  • Swarga Lok (heaven) where the privileged and people in positions of, power reside these individuals live in palatial houses and the influence public opinion.
  • Dharti Lok (earth) which, represents the working-class, specifically in context to the show, includes the, it does the dirty work on the ground.
  • Paatal Lok (hell) that enclosed the underprivileged parts of society that are spoiled by regressive and abusive practices beyond their disenfranchisement in society. Often, leading to destructive outlets that, isolated them and labeled them as Devils.


The compelling nature of the web series is that it is the spitting image of our society. Today the privileged and powerful are lustful for more and more problematic matters that target them up crushed. Easy targets are created fake news, persists and alliances

I would quote one dialogue from this web series, when to underprivileged children one person states “Insaan ke bacche ki jaan bahut najuk hoti hai, kide ki jaise lok marne ke liye chod dete hai lekin, wo jina sikh jate hai.

Paatal Lok Cast

Gul Panag is Jaideep Ahlawat wife supporting, yet naive is brilliant. It was great to see her in something compelling.

Bodhisattva Sharma as Siddharth Hathiram Chaudhary, a son of Hathiram Chaudhary and shows how he changes the relationship with his father.

Niharika Lyra Dutta as Sarah Matthews is a bright and curious journalist.

Ishwak Singh as Imran Ansari an educated, and bright cop and Hathitam Chaudhary right-hand man put forth commendable, performances.

The prime suspects are also, brilliant the show traces back the origin stories each one more compelling, than the other.

Jagjeet Sandhu as Tope Singh and Aasif Khan as Kabir M present, convincing performances

Mairembam Ronaldo Singh as Mary Lyngdoh will have your respect, after this series. The courage, the sheer, the bravery of being so fearless in front, of the camera will genuinely leave you speechless.

Abhishek Banerjee, however, is Vishal Tyagi stands out, psychotic unhinged and borderline, demonic. As previously we have seen him in Amazon Prime web series Mirzapur, in Paatal Lok his role is even significant than Mirzapur.

Paatal Lok Review: Abhishek Banerjee
Paatal Lok Review : Abhishek Banerjee as Hathodi Tyagi in series

Neeraj Kabi as Sanjeev Mehra the influential and cunning Indian journalist.

Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathiram Chaudhary, I don’t have, to say anything about the impressive work their filmography is a testament to their capabilities.

Paatal Lok Review: Conclusion

Sanjeev Mehra constantly needs to be relevant and on top, representing the insecure nature of journalists who have become celebrities of sorts in today’s society. Hathiram Chaudhary these only chance of proving his, mettle and worth beyond the life of, mediocrity that he has led all his life

The series is honestly performance very well and you can say that Amazon Prime is coming up with their own version of the Sacred Games.

If you find interesting in this Paatl Lok review then you can share with others and let them enjoy this mastermind thriller web series.

Paatal Lok Trailer

Short Review

Number of Episodes

The series has a total no of 9 episodes, each having an average 45 minute of time.

Release Date

Paatal Lok web series released on 15 May 2020 worldwide on the Amazon Prime platform.

IMDB Rating

The series has 9.2 ratings on IMDB platform

Paatal Lok Review : 4.5/5

Where to Watch Online

You can watch the series on Amazon Prime Video. You can click on the link to watch this thriller web series online.


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